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2bit Creative is the portfolio of one Ben Ratliff, web developer and general designer of things web-related. Ben has worked independently as 2bit Creative and also in the employ of New York advertising agencies Saatchi and Saatchi Healthcare and KBS+ (AKA, Spies and Assassins, no that's really the name).

He most recently worked at the marketing company Docero as lead developer and digital strategist.

Building it Right

2bit can design, build and expand your web presence, employing current best practices to make sure your site is a lean, mean message machine.

Understanding the Environment

You want to know how your web site or digital campaign is working.  Creating a web site is just the beginning. 2bit knows how to wire it up to the get the metrics you want out of your site and keep improving it every day.

Mobile Friendly

With users increasingly accessing the web through mobile devices, a web site must be optimized for any type of device.  2bit understands how to ensure an enjoyable internet experience in the mobile realm.

Simple is good.

– Jim Henson

Web Development

Some previous projects and collaborations.


The 2bit Creative video reel offers an overview of the capabilities and product types 2bit creates.
Keep an eye on the right bottom of the frame to see which skills are being showcased.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe AfterEffectsAdobe’s premiere video editing and special effects software is used extensively in the video (and was used to make the reel itself).

Adobe Flash

Adobe FlashAlthough the platform has declined in usage over time, 2bit did extensive Flash work in the early aughts, using it to create animated banners and robust interactive experiences.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe PhotoshopThe industry standard in graphics production, it’s hard to imagine life without it.



There are many elements that come into play in designing a successful digital strategy.

Web Design

Obviously, you want to look good on the web. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? A tight design is the first step in making a great web site.

Web Development

..but design is only the start of a great web site. Knowing the best practices of web development is crucial to creating a gratifying web experience.

User Interface Design

A web site is only good if it’s usable. An intuitive web site starts with a comprehensive wireframe and site map that establishes a clear information hierarchy.


Search Engine Optimization is the white whale of modern web theory. Every business wants it. Only a comprehensive strategy will move the needle on finding your needle in the haystack of the web.

Mobile First

With an estimated 41% of users accessing the web by mobile devices, there is no respectable digital strategy that ignores mobile devices. A responsive site accommodates all digital devices so that all potential visitors have a good experience at your web site.

Web Metrics

What is your web site doing for you? What are people doing on your web site? Is your message getting across? It’s hard to know the impact of your web site without having accurate metrics.


To stand out in this modern world, you have to have a message and you need to make an impact. 2bit can work with you to discuss your message, your look and exactly how you want to present yourself. Working together, we can bring your business to the web and beyond.

Powerpoint & Keynote

When it’s done wrong, Powerpoint presentations can be the worst. But when approached with good design and creative infographics, both Powerpoint and Keynote can be effective tools for messaging about your business.

Video / Audio Production

Need to create a reel? Want to make a commercial for the web? Whether you need audio editing or motion graphics for your business, we’ve got you covered, and for a lot less than production houses.


If you're ready to augment your web presence, please get in touch!